JasperMIDI PCBJasperMIDI is a simple MIDI input/output add-on to Jasper. It is supplied as a PCB and programmed ATMega328 microcontroller. It provides a pretty robust translation from MIDI to Jasper’s Link port, and converts notes on the Link port to MIDI enabling Jasper’s touch keyboard to be a very limited 2 octave controller.

It costs £10 for the PCB and IC if bought with a Jasper kit, otherwise separate from a kit, it costs £11.50 including UK post or £12.50 with international shipping.

JasperMIDI installed in CaseJasperMIDI can be built into a Jasper enclosure, or it’s possible to build it as a standalone unit, either powered separately or through Jasper’s 8way mini-DIN cable. Check out the construction guide linked below for full details.JasperMIDI standalone box

Documentation and resources

BOM, Build Guide and user manual: JasperMIDI Construction Guide PDF (2.5M)
Schematic: JasperMIDI Schematic PDF (214K)
Board dimensions – click for larger version:JasperMIDI PCB3d printable STL and OpenSCAD files for JasperMIDI standalone boxes: JasperMIDI 3D printable boxes ZIP archive (328K)