FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this list will answer queries you may have about Jasper!

Do you supply a full kit?

No – what’s in the kit is described on the Buying Jasper page.
You will need to buy the other components to construct Jasper. Full details including the BOM (Bill of Materials), construction guide, schematic and handy Mouser project link are on the Documentation Page.

How much does it cost to build?

It’s estimated that a basic build of Jasper without an enclosure is just over £200 for the PCBs and components. The Mouser project linked on the the Documentation Page comes to about £110 delivered. To this you need to add the potentiometers and knobs. Other suppliers are available and may well be cheaper.

Does Jasper have CV/Gate input?

Short answer: No. Not by default.

Longer answer: Jasper and the original Wasp have digitally controlled oscillators. The frequency of each note is divided by a block of logic ICs from a master oscillator. See the schematic for details.

It uses a 6 bit control bus to allow for 3 octaves to be played – this is broken out to the link port. The trigger is a ~50Hz pulse that signals a Wasp or Jasper to read and play the note encoded on the control lines at the rise of each trigger pulse.

It is possible to gate the envelope, and Jasper has a built in mod to provide for a switched jack to do that.

A CV/Gate interface can be constructed that converts a control voltage to note values using a microcontroller. A modification (and new firmware) for the JasperMIDI board can read an analogue input, and convert it to the note data. Details of this mod will appear soon on the site.

There is possibility of adding a CV to filter cutoff or pitch mod – check the schematic and Wasp service manual. This won’t be anything close to 1V/octave, so you will need to buffer and scale the CV input.

Can you supply a ready built Jasper?

Jasper is supplied as a partial kit for DIY construction. If you don’t want to (or are unable to) build one yourself, it might be worth asking on the Muffwigger forum for someone to build one for you, and it’s also worth checking ebay listings for completed Jaspers.

I haven’t built any electronic kits before – can I build a Jasper?

I would not recommend Jasper as a first electronics kit project. There’s a lot of soldering to get precisely correct, so ideally you need to have had a good amount of soldering experience.

There is also a lot of hand-work involved to make a completed Jasper. So some experience in making and completing DIY electronics projects is useful.

Why don’t you make Jasper using modern SMD parts?

By it’s nature Jasper is a vintage design – so I like to keep it close in spirit to the original. It started as a personal project, and I don’t enjoy working with tiny SMD parts. I like the physicality of the through-hole stuff.

The schematics are available – so don’t let me stop you from making a Wasp clone of your own using surface mount parts.

That said, many manufacturers are ceasing to make through-hole components – so there may be a time when many of the components become harder to fine. Enjoy it while you can!

Can you supply an enclosure for Jasper?

I have a design for a case made using 3d printed parts and laser-cut acylic. Check out the Enclosure Page for details. If you don’t have access to anyone to do the laser-cutting or 3d printing, I can arrange for it to be done. Send an email to info (AT) jaspersynth.co.uk to enquire.

Other people have designed their own enclosures – check the Muffwiggler DIY forum for suggestions.