An Enclosure for Jasper

There are options for enclosing your Jasper project. Builders have made their own using wood, metal and 3d printing. Ready made designs include:

Jasper in CaseWhat follows is my design for a DIY 3d printed and acrylic enclosure for Jasper. It makes for a pretty sturdy case with internal speaker and JasperMIDI built in.

To make the parts, you’ll need access to (or know someone with) a 3d printer and laser cutter.

You can download the design files and construction guide below:

Jasper Enclosure Design Files (.Zip file – 283KiB)

Illustrated Enclosure Construction Guide PDF (4.7Mib)

Some images from the construction guide – click on them for a larger image.

3d Printed Parts
3D Printed Parts
Acrylic Panel
Acrylic lasercut from 400mm square 3mm thick panel
Rear view of open case
Includes space for JasperMIDI PCB built-in
Inside open case
3D Printed side-cheek, PCB and acrylic
MIDI sockets on rear panel
MIDI sockets on rear panel