Audio Samples

Below are some simple multitracked samples recorded directly into Audacity on a PC. Jasper powered with a wallwart. No effects added other than aligning the tracks and fading in and out. Sounds are only from Jasper.

Here are some more audio samples from Jasper. All were recorded directly onto a Tascam recorder, and trimmed in Audacity. No effects other than fade-in and out, and cutting out a few of the (more) boring bits.

  1. 2:04 – Drums are a default pattern on a Volca Beats
  2. 1:53 Same sequence, but playing around with the filter.
  3. 1:58 Simple sequence, playing with the oscillators and filter.
  4. 1:14 Playing with the filter, LFO Random. Two tracks combined in Audacity.
  5. 0:09 Bassy type thing.
  6. 0:11 Short keyboard thing.
  7. 0:30 Running through the keys, and a bit of Glide.
  8. 9:39 Long noodle. Various tests of the filter LFO, envelopes, noise etc.
    Recorded straight, no overlaying, effects etc. Just trimmed in places.
  9. 0:10 Woodblocks?
  10. 0:36 Same sequence as before, but sweeping the filter. High ‘Q’

Download all the above audio samples in flac format in a single zip file.