Jasper is now out of stock

Due to a sudden flurry of orders over the last few days, the curent PCB run of Jasper kits is unfortunately now out of stock.

Jasper closeup

There have been 8 PCB runs over the last four or five years – many thanks to everyone who has bought PCBs and built kits – all around the world!

Due to the continuing crazy situations with Covid and Brexit, I have decided not to re-stock the kits at present, at least until things settle down a bit. So, there will be a break for Jasper for a while before I decide on the next stage.

If you already have a Jasper without Midi, then the JasperMidi PCBs are still available – check the JasperMidi page for details.

Many, many thanks to everyone who has bought, have built and are building this crazy little buzzy thing!

Season’s Greetings, and let’s hope 2021 is a somewhat less interesting time than 2020!